The main reason I love working out isn’t necessarily for the outcome of a toned physique but to mentally sharpen the brain. Exercise affects the brain through a multitude of ways. It increases heat rate, pumping more oxygen (O2) to the brain. It aids in releasing hormones, like serotonin (associated with good health and well-being). By increasing your serotonin levels in the brain, your daily exercise regimen works as a natural antidepressant.  That’s why we often feel at ease, things are clearer after exercising and we are eventually happier.  The same time, endorphins (the love hormone), another chemical to fight stress, is released in your brain.

Point-blank, exercise is the #1 way to combat stress, depression, anxiety and unhappiness.

These fitness trainers have paid programs as well as provide free training guides, calendars, workout videos, inspirational stories, food advice and meal preparation. Their regimens produce immediate and long-term results for bodies and fitness levels of various shapes and sizes. Check these ladies out, and don’t look back. I rely on these fitness trainers to help remind me daily to care for my body, brain, and heart—health.