We asked the House of Femme ladies how they get motivated to exercise. Their answers are something we can all use to get our butts to the gym. Between the five of us we give you our 5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out.

1. Phone-spiration

So many people out there post about fitness, eating clean and healthy ways to stay in shape. Keep positivity a constant reminder by making your phone an inspirational background. “It’s a good day to have a good day,” is a good one. Any quote of a motivational nature will keep you conscious of what’s important.

Jessica- “I follow motivational posts on Instagram and listen to a good workout station on spotify that gets me pumped up.”

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out


2. Set Goals.

And give yourself a deadline. Even if you can’t pull it off, the work you put in is progress. That’s the most important part.

Alyssa-“I need a goal. Currently, I’m training for my second half marathon and the thought of beating my previous time is getting me motivated.”

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out


3. Reward Yourself

If going to the gym 5 days a week means that you also sign yourself up for a Birchbox subscription or a new pair of tennis shoes to reward yourself, I say, so be it. You earned it!

Hayley- “I trick myself into it if I go :)”

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out


4.  Sign up for a Fun 5K

These days 5K’s seem to be trendier than studs on designer bags. They’re in every city and range from people spraying paint all over you to neon night runs through the city. They actually seem, dare I say, fun? Bonus: the Color Run is coming to KC May 31st, and the run is known as, “the happiest 5K on Earth.” Get a workout in and a sweet Instagram picture out if it, let’s be honest. Sign up now for the one in KC; IT WILL SELL OUT!

Sarah- “Training for an event (races, marathon, weddings)”

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out


5.  Buddy up!

Have someone hold you accountable. Get a gym buddy who is already motivated and not skipping a workout.

My advice? I’ve secured a workout buddy who does not take my “I can’t make it. I have this thing.” BS

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

We can’t find the perfect pair of jeans. That killer eyeshadow is too expensive. You forgot your keys at home. Life’s too short to let the small things get you worried. There will be plenty of big obstacles to get in your way later on. Save your sanity for those times ;).