Since we got married my husband and I have tried to be a little more resourceful when it comes to making the house we currently have into a home.

By the time we got married, my husband had already purchased the house we live in now. It was in pretty good shape, but it really was nothing to brag about, more of a clean slate than anything. White walls, outdated wood trim, builder’s grade carpet, and a bit of wear and tear. My husband opted to wait to do any decorating/updating/renovating until I moved in. Smart guy, right? I knew I married a keeper J

We have tried to update the house (slowly, but surely) in easy, inexpensive ways. Not only to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but also to create a place where we both feel truly comfortable and relaxed. I want our home to feel like ours, who doesn’t?! We’ve painted most of our main living areas: kitchen, living room, master bedroom, bathrooms. Painting is one of my favorite things because it can make such a big difference on a small budget. But some of the bigger things have been put on hold…new carpet, new furniture…we kind of have a bachelor pad vibe going on with a hodge podge of gifted furniture.

Obviously, DIY is huge in the blog world and there are tons of ideas and tutorials out there to give inspiration and direction on how to upcycle and upstyle.  So I made the decision to adopt this philosophy in my own home. First step: ditch going into the nearest Nebraska Furniture Mart and buying a matchy, matchy combo.

We have started with our master bedroom. The first addition was this gorgeous grey bed with a tufted headboard for under $500 from I’m in love.

DIY Rast hackDIY Rast Hack


My biggest project from there was finding nightstands for our room…has anyone else seen how expensive nightstands are?! Goodness gracious. I opted to take Ikea’s Rast and join other bloggers by doing an “Ikea Hack”. We all know that Ikea is awesome (and we’re finally getting one in KC! Yes!), but we’re talking a 3 drawer dresser for $35.00, literally unbeatable!  So, I ordered my nightstands online and waited.

Like a good little DIYer, I had done some research and decided that I wanted to try out the ever so popular “Campaign Style”. I have hopes of replacing our larger dresser soon as well and love this look. Start small, right? Since Rast comes unfinished, you really have a blank slate to go whichever direction your heart desires.

DIY Rast Hack  DIY Rast Hack

I decided to paint mine white and add brushed chrome hardware. The Rast comes with two knob pulls on each drawer. Not really cohesive with my plan for a Campaign dresser. I applied wood filler to each hole, let that dry and then sanded them down so we were working with a smooth surface.

DIY Rast Hack  DIY Rast Hack

I used paint from Sherwin Williams. I had a 4” roller on hand and rolled on two coats. The paint I used goes on pretty thick, but I still had to go back through and do some touchups. I let them dry for a few hours and then my husband screwed on all the hardware.

DIY Rast Hack DIY Rast Hack

By the time we got them upstairs and in our bedroom, I knew I had made the right choice.

DIY Rast Hack

The crisp white looks so clean and fresh in my grey monochromatic bedroom. I love the height the nightstands bring (…not to mention the extra storage. Bonus!) And the hardware compliments our nail head tufted headboard perfectly. I couldn’t be happier!