In the middle of Westport located right on Broadway street, a new little shop has opened up with orange trim, selling some pretty tasty treats to cool you down in the summer months. The great part about these treats is that they’re healthy, all natural, and a perfect meal for someone on the go who needs to pack in as much nutritional value per sip as possible. Ruby Jeans Juicery sells smoothies, juices, and shakes made from fresh, all natural ingredients.

Ruby Jeans Juicery

Walking in, you feel almost as if you’ve stepped onto the porch of a beachside juice stand. There are games to play outside, tables with umbrellas to relax at, and the building has floor to ceiling glass windows. Inside the feel is modern and fun, with bright colors similar to the fruits and veggies that go inside your order. You just walk up to the counter, place your order, and get your drink, it’s quick and simple! I tried the Green Dream, which is a smoothie with kale and spinach blended with a variety of fruits to make it sweet and delicious.