summer belvoir bangles

<FASHION ALERT> To all those fashionista’s out there.. check out this new online jewelry shop – Belvoir Handmade! The owner is my former college bestie-roomie, Ashley Bauer. I’ve always ashley belvoir handmadeadmired this girl’s style sense. Believe me, she knows a thing or two about great fashion. So, I was so excited to hear about and set my eyes on these stlyin’ accessories. These bangles will be the perfect splash of color you will need this summer. Perfect for any occasion. You can dress them up or down and wear them out on the town.  I know I’m so excited to rock my colorful bangles all summer long.

Belvoir jewelry is all handmade and I like it because it has a nice hint of chic and sophistication that make it an ideal piece for the office or happy hour or out on the town – pretty much any occasion. The pieces are so unique and are the perfect accents to complete any outfit.

And special shout out to my little boo– he has his own bangle– This one is called “The Graham.”

graham belvoir handmade