Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge Disney fan. Disney movies, Disney parks, Disney anything, and I’m there. So of course, it was no surprise that I was thrilled to see that Disney and Pixar were coming out with a new original animated film this summer, ‘Inside Out’. Inside Out is about our emotions, why we think how we think, why we behave the way we do, all told from inside the head of a young girl. When things start to go wrong as she grows up, her emotions go on an adventure through her mind to make things right, and things get messy.

Inside Out

I loved this movie, and not just because I love Disney. The animation was adorable, the characters were entertaining to watch, and the whole subject was very new and different. In a year of big-name sequels, it was nice to watch something that didn’t remind me of anything else I had seen before. The characters were voiced by big name comedians including Amy Poehler of Parks and Rec, Mindy Kahling of The Mindy Show, and Bill Hader of Saturday Night Live. I thought the movie was clever and well written, and the actors brought life and personality to their characters. The star of the show, though, was the character “sadness”. Voiced by Phyllis Smith, sadness is the little raincloud in all of us that allows us to have moments to sit down and cry. At first, she is underappreciated and pushed aside by confident Joy, who wants nothing more than to keep Riley, the little girl, constantly happy. However, Joy begins to realize that sadness is an important part of Riley’s life, and that Joy cannot exist without her.

It is a touching movie perfect for the whole family. Disney and Pixar definitely nailed this summer movie! A must see, especially for Disney lovers.