One of my mom’s favorite places to visit for a quick lunch is The Mixx, a quick, casual soup/salad/sandwich joint in downtown KC that is perfect for people who want to get in and out on a tight budget for money and time. I had never gone before, and when they opened up a second location in Leawood, Kansas, I figured it was time I tried it out.

Walking in, I wasn’t disappointed. The location was clean, decorated mostly in white with green accents, and plenty of seating. I ordered something I know well, a chicken ceaser salad and a cup of tomato soup, both of which were made very quickly right in front of me, and sat down with my family. The first bite of my salad was delicious, perfectly balanced, not too much dressing, lots of chicken, overall very tasty. I love the salads at Panera, but I think this tops it for a similar price. The only thing I didn’t like was how many croutons they put on the salad, but that was easy to eat around, and can be avoided next time if I ask for less.


Next I took a piece of their bread, a whole wheat roll which looked delicious, and dipped it in the tomato soup. Again, I love Panera’s tomato soup, but this was so much better! It had the right amount of creaminess without being heavy, and was seasoned perfectly. The bread was delicious too. I ate as much as I could before getting full, and got a to-go box.


I ate the salad the next day and it was still crisp and tasty, which says to me that the ingredients they use are very fresh. My family loved their meals as well, and I think The Mixx has definitely earned a new regular customer in me. I can’t wait to go back and try something new!