Anyone who has known me for more than a year knows the kind of abuse my hair takes; I change my color frequently, it has been bleached, stripped, colored, re-colored, bleached again, highlighted, and home-dyed. In my constant search for “smelly things” as my mom calls them, I have come across my absolute most favorite location to buy beauty products ever: LUSH. Once I started using their products, I found it hard to switch back, and my hair has definitely thanked me for the change.

Lush Handmade Cosmetics


There has been a major anti-shampoo movement trending recently, and for good reason. The shampoo you find at most stores is filled with harsh chemicals which overstrip your hair, causing it to get greasy even faster, and continuing the cycle of shampoo usage. Obviously, being dye-happy, I don’t have a problem with chemically treating my hair, however, I start to have a problem when I am forced to chop off my long perfect locks to remove the excess of damage that comes from all this chemical abuse. That’s where LUSH entered my life. Back in January, I had just gone through another round of highlights (I had decided I was bored of my dark auburn hair and wanted to be blonde yet again) and was wandering the Oak Park Mall. I have loved the products at the LUSH store there, and decided maybe it was time to start taking care of my poor hair. I talked to the woman working, and she set me up with a bottle of dry shampoo, which smelled amazing, and a banana-based all natural shampoo, perfect for my heavily treated hair.

Lush: Blousey Shampoo

Needless to say, my hair thanked me profusely, and with some care has almost reached the length it was before I chopped it off in January, minus the nasty dead ends. I make sure to make liberal use of my dry shampoo, sticking to rinsing my hair daily and only washing as needed, with my LUSH shampoo of course. I’ve since added a massage bar for my achy muscles, and an all natural body wash which leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh!

I like knowing where my ingredients come from, how they are made, and what happened before I picked them up off the shelf. I am very anti-animal testing, and I love how LUSH is committed to fighting animal cruelty. They even have a product called “Charity Pot”, a great smelling lotion, which donates 100% of it’s proceeds to various grassroots charities. They make great gifts for the vegan ladies in your family, and it’s great to know that you’re doing some good with your beauty routine, not just for yourself, but for others.