Join REACTOR and MAD Toy Design for our October First Fridays show, Modern Heroes. Jeremy Madl, toy designer and illustrator for MAD Toy Design, created this series of new work overlaying the “Modern Hero” character onto classic and iconic heroes from his childhood. Bourgmont Brewing Co. will be serving their popular pumpkin beer during the show. To go with their delicious beer, you can enjoy hand-crafted artisan sausages available for purchase from the Wiener Wagon. Come savor the flavors of fall while you look at the awesome Modern Heroes art!

October First Friday at REACTOR: Modern Heroes by MAD Toy Design 

Friday, October 3 (5-9 p.m.)

REACTOR Design Studio

1817 Grand Boulevard

Kansas City, MO 64108

Artist Statement

Growing up on a steady diet of cartoons, toys and video games in the 80’s and 90’s my love for these characters and stories runs deep. They’ve inspired my imagination for almost 40 years… but the ‘heroes’ of today are often motivated by profit rather than to inspire!

The ‘Modern Hero’ character in my work is just a skeleton of what he was in his glory days. Forever doomed with the burden of chasing ‘Big Money’ he’ll never be able to rest. Spawned during an age of creativity and imagination where he thrived, but now stuck living in an age of remakes and stagnation!

About Jeremy “MAD” Madl

Toy Designer, Illustrator, Husband, & Father

I’ve been professionally illustrating and designing toys for over 15 years. Over my career I’ve worked with clients such as Kidrobot, Swatch, Pepsi, Scion, NFL, Mattel, Spin Master Toys, and Cartoon Network on a variety of todays hottest and largest brands, collaborating on projects ranging from promotions to packaging, character design to retail and premium toys.

I’ve worked non-stop on my own licensed artwork and toy brands under the “MAD Toy Design” label for the past 10 years. My first production figure line called the MAD*L has been one of the hottest brands on the collector market since it first released in 2004 and continues to fly off the shelves globally with each new release.