Here’s the thing, I’ve always hated processed food. Well, correction, it’s not that I’ve always hated processed food, there was a time in my life, just like many other health conscious people that I “enjoyed” a microwave dinner, a soda or dare I say movie popcorn.

You see at the time, I thought that it tasted “good enough”. Good enough was a running theme in my life. I had “good enough” relationships, a “good enough” job, etc. I was here and my life was a solid 5 out of 10. It wasn’t until my life started to hit 4 out of ten, then 3 out of 10 that I began to take a look at what was happening. It wasn’t until I took a look in the mirror and from the side it looked like I was expecting. My energy was low and so was my mood. If this is you, don’t worry, most people won’t think about change until it really gets bad. It’s a human thing.

So if you stop and think about your current diet, you will find that what you’re eating right now is a direct reflection of two things:

1)   How You Feel About Your Own Body


2)   What Your Lifestyle Looks Like

Which of these describes you?

1.  Are you bored with your life? Tired of doing nothing and want to escape?

2.  Are you super strict with your diet? High strung? Controlling?

3.  Are you lazy, tired and usually have takeout every night from that awesome pizza joint on the corner?

4.  Are you vibrant and alive? Endless energy and stable mood?

Each one of these is possible and if we stop to think about our relationships with food, it will tell us all we need to know about our lives. Now, food to me is exciting, not necessarily because what I eat varies so much day to day but rather it is the one thing in our lives that we actually do have control over.

Every single day you get to make the choice of what goes into your body. This to me is what true personal power is about. It’s something that is right in front of our faces everyday but something that many people overlook. We worry about relationships (includes 2 people), money (includes multiple people), career (again, multiple people)…however food (just us) is a choice we get to make.

Each day when we make that choice to eat real natural food, we strengthen our personal power and responsibility. And we feel good…really good.

Realize that what goes into your mouth, and your body, month after month… becomes your body.  So take the opportunity to build those blocks strong and healthy.  Each time we reach for the real food and not the junk we’re saying that we actually care about ourselves… and that’s the greatest change of all.


Matthew lives in Kansas City, Missouri and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. His company, Far Beyond Food, helps clients meet their needs through wellness personal training, education and motivation.

He enjoys working out, cooking new and interesting foods, reading and playing hockey in his spare time. To read his other healthy lifestyle post, How To Cut Out Sugars and Never Look Back, click here. 

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