Chloe + Isabel is a genius jewelry business concept in which any fashion forward ambitious and enthusiastic person (like yourself) can become her own merchandiser for the jewelry line.

Having individuals that are your friends, that you work with, or are your girl crush makes buying the product easier, more interesting and reliable. Chloe + Isabel jewelry line lives online and offers all of their products, but individual unique merchandisers create their own “shops” or “stores” that they promote and gain commission from. The concept is so popular that even Techcrunch, a site intriguing techies everywhere, gave them a nod for their new approach to doing business online, calling it “social commerce”.

Chloe + Isabel’s jewelry is colorful, poppy, vintage inspired pieces, that women with a variety of styles love. Fashion meccas like Vogue and Glamour have featured Chloe + Isabel in their magazines and love the product themselves, and why wouldn’t they? One look at my friend Alyssa Hodges shop, and I was hooked.

Chloe + Isabel

Chloe+Isabel’s jewelry will not leave green rings around your newly manicured fingertips, but instead their nature inspired ring sets and bracelets are no-fuss high quality stuff. Your new pendant necklace or ocean-inspired set of earrings will have the girl sitting next to you asking “WHERE did you get that?” The beauty is, you got it from your friend, your neighbor, your trendy coworker. Support local merchandiser Alyssa’s shop.

I love Alyssa’s stuff because she chooses Chloe+Isabel collections that we all would want a piece of. Her looks range from hippie-chic to straight up classic girly vintage, and all of her stuff will have you doing a double take. The ol’ wellll I could need that for such and such–and hey, for the quality, you mind as well.

Chloe and Isabel

Shop Chloe+Isabel to get necklace for the wedding you’re headed to. Their jewelry is worth it, and so are you.  A couple collections Alyssa has the spotlight on right now are “Faves Under Fifty” “Desk to Dinner”picks. My personal favorites from her handpicked collections are:

Chloe + IsabelPave Branch Bracelet

Chloe + IsabelBe Mine Sterling Nesting Rings

Chloe + IsabelTri-Tone Bangle Set


Her shop is especially awesome because it lives and breathes on the motto “It’s Your Day. Own it. Make it beautiful.” Follow her Chloe+Isabel shop on Facebook for a little daily inspiration. I know her positivity gets me motivated.

Chloe + Isabel



Stock up on summer jewelry trends or shop Chloe + Isabel for a unique Mother’s Day gift!