Let me start by saying, your body is of COURSE beautiful the way it is. What I love about yoga though, is its power to make you feel stronger. With strength comes confidence. This March my friend Regan hosted a beginner’s yoga challenge on Instagram. The Instagram trend has been taking place for a while, and this is why you too should join an instayoga challenge.

Here’s how it works. A yogi host posts a new pose every day with a #nameoftheirchallenge.  Participants try out the pose, post it to their instagram and tag the host and hashtag in the picture. I have to say doing my friend’s yoga challenge got me to practice poses I never thought I could do, no matter how ‘beginner’, and once I was able to get them, the feeling just made me want more. Finally mastering a headstand or an arm balance got me so excited to practice more and more. With practice came strength.

Why You Should Join an InstaYoga Challenge

That said, this month there are a couple awesome challenges on instagram YOU can participate in, and let me tell you, you won’t regret it. My friend @regfairy and a couple of her fellow yogi friends @crazyogalegz @claireridge @kiabiayoga  are hosting #aprilalignment to get participants to build up the strength to do a couple difficult arm balances, firefly and grasshopper (see below). To participate follow them and their sponsor @ridgesandstitches on insta and get started! The winner will win a free pair of @ridgesandstitches awesome yoga leggings.


Why You Should Join an InstaYoga Challenge   Why You Should Join an InstaYoga Challenge


The other is by the awesome Kino McGregor, a well known yoga instructer and world traveler; people love her, and she is extremely talented.

Why You Should Join an InstaYoga Challenge

Follow her @kinoyoga for a core yoga challenge (perfect for the pool;). She’s even posted the list of poses so you can get a head start on practicing. Post her name and #yogatothecore. April has already started but you can still catch up!

Why You Should Join an InstaYoga Challenge

 Kino will likely have another challenge in May, and she has hundreds of user-friendly, awesome tutorials on YouTube for yogis at all stages.

Get started on a challenge! I will see you on Instagram at @naderbombs!

Happy Spring!