We are dishing on our latest obsessions. Some of the ladies of the house shared their latest obsessions as of late. From movies to fashion to dogs, we give you our latest obsessions. 

 Why You Should Join an InstaYoga Challenge

With spring in full sweep, I am obsessed with a few things.

1) Spring cleaning and organizing my closet which you really can’t do without getting on Pinterest for inspiration. There’s so many cute style and home organization tips.

2) Traveling for work and play has been so much fun these last few weeks. I’ve been able to get packing down to a science. By wearing simple, solid color separates and layering different pieces I’ve been able to mix and match and pack very light, which I love. There’s nothing better than not checking a bag and leaving extra space in your bag for extra goodies to bring home from your travels.

3) Indigo Wild’s, all natural soap has been my obsession for quite a while now. Their Zum Face Argan Facial Serum is made with rose oil, the most precious and potent essential oil in skin care, it tones, softens, and sparks cellular rejuvenation. It works wonders on my face and hands.

I’ve been using argan oil on the ends of my hair to keep it nourished for the last 2 years and am still obsessed with the results. Especially after a very dry winter, I find that my skin and hair needs a lot of rich moisture restored in the Spring.


I am always obsessed with animals, specifically Ike, my dog and the love of my life. I just started reading Divergent, and it’s pretty good! It’s a cross between Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. At the end of this month Noah comes out, which I can’t wait to see. Love the director. Really excited to see his take on the tale.


1. I’m obsessed with seeing LORDE in concert and also ZZ Ward last week!

2. I’m also painfully obsessed with half marathon training as it consumes my life. April 12th!

3. I love Birchbox. I got it originally as a gift and have continued my subscription because I adore getting new products to try every month and having little travel sized bottles of nice products never hurts!


I have 3 obsessions this month!

1. The cutest pup has entered into my life and he brings me so much joy everyday. Graham- he’s a golden doodle.

2. Obsessed with a great pair of jeans to start the spring with– picked up a great pair of new Paige Jeans this weekend!

3. I second Alyssa’s marathon training obsession.  April 12th can’t come soon enough! We welcome House of Femme to come out and watch us cross the finish line. Woo-hoo!


We are in the midst of buying a home so im creating multiple projects and todo list. It’s going to be a busy summer between home shopping, work and family.


 Obsessions from House of Femme

 I am obsessed with doing my friend’s Instagram Yoga Challenge–it’s for beginners! She is crazy good at yoga, but she put on a beginner’s challenge this month. I’ve become obsessed with getting headstands down. They give you a rush of energy, so cool. If you wanna join in, follow the hashtag #vibewithreg and post back the pose of the day. There are so many other yoga challenges you can get in on. Try @kinoyoga if you want to get on board.


I’m really excited to see Divergent…actually saw it yesterday and it was really good. (Mostly because of Theo James.)

I am obsessed with chalk paint and DYI projects. I have been doing an overhaul on my house, including redoing a bench and painting my bathroom vanities.

I’m trying out a new keratin shampoo and conditioner that I found on Pinterest. It’s super cheap (I got it at cvs) but it seems to have the same effect as the expensive salon keratin treatment I had last year…here’s to healthy hair!

Oh and as far as a new tv show goes, House of Cards is so addicting. Tyler and I started season 2 on a Friday night and didn’t stop watching until we were finished with all 13 episodes. So good!


I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones! This Spring I am also excited to be outside, get some color,  and add some freckles, vacation and a better mood.

What are YOU obsessed with this month?


House of Femme