I’m sure every one of you does some sort up preparation when it comes to job interviews – research potential questions, examine job responsibilities, gather materials to bring, etc. And then there are those who think about what they’ll wear. Some might get there classic black slacks out from the back of their closet and pair it with a good ‘ol button up and blazer, and call it done. But how many of you think about what your appearance says about you? Let me tell you, it can say a lot in an interview setting – it’s the first thing they notice! So stand out.

Here are few tips and guidelines every girl should know/figure out in order to professionally present themselves in an interview – don’t get me wrong, the other type of research helps too.

To find your best color, examine these three traits:
–    Skin Color and Tone: Do you have a warm (yellow/gold), cool (blue/white) or neutral (grey) skin tone? Find this out by looking at the inside of your arm. Is it smooth/even or uneven?
–    Hair Color and Tone: Is it a warm, cool or neutral?
–    Eye Color and Tone: Do you have warm (browns), cool (blues), light (hazels) or dark eye color?

Once you have discovered your own colors and tones, take a good look through your closet. Get out some colored shirts and look at yourself in the mirror – I mean, really look at yourself! Wear some of the colors you think match the best and see if your friends notice anything. And when they say, “I’ve never noticed how green your eyes are.” You know you’ve found a winner. I suggest adding one – maybe two – pops of color to your interview outfit (one piece of clothing and one accessory), and you’re on your way to impress.

Another helpful hint is to ask your friends for opinions. It’s a great way to have an outsider’s point of view. Plus you may be surprised at the differences others see when it comes to your natural colors.


Meet RobinMeet Robin Connor, a small town girl living and working in the big city. Robin loves all things healthy, fashionable and family oriented. The youngest of 4 sisters, Robin is used to pitchin’ in whenever needed whether it is whipping out an up-do in under 5 minutes or cuddling with one of her nieces or nephews, Robin is our go to gal for all things fashion, style and trendy.