House of Femme is but a tiny piece of the KC blogging scene. Since arriving in this bloggy space, I’ve taken a lot of time to check out other bloggers and I have been fortunate to find these bookmark-worthy bloggers. These 5 bloggers are a diverse bunch and each blog rocks for its own unique reasons. I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

1. Finding Kansas City

Told through Instagram pictures, this blog’s content is deployed by a  team of expert filter-appliers who are on the search for all things yummy, local and urban. Their foodie posts have great recommendations and inspiration for your next meal. I also particularly love the KC commentary posts like, 16 Things Instagram Has Taught Us About Kansas City. These are always spot on!


2. Suburban Spunk

The ultimate weekend warrior in DIY-dom, Suzanne shares all on her Suburban Spunk blog. Her oh-so-cute party ideas / decor and clever DIY home makeovers will inspire you to add a little more spunk to your life. For anyone who struggles like me to maintain a clean and stylin’ home, posts like Suzanne’s Ultimate Cleaning and and Maintenance Schedule for Your Home are genius – GENIUS!


3. Pink Moon KC

The girl who started this blog is a neighbor / friend of mine in the River Market and I have been LOVING it because it’s been my go-to guide for foodie ideas in the area. The blog is also all about finding the your slice of adventure in life so she has some fun posts on get-away’s and camping / biking in the area. I especially dig how she gives you a bad ass breakdown of when to go / suggestions to order / what the restaurant is all about in every review so that you are hip to the place before you step in the door, like in her Pigwich Review.


4. Priscilla Kioko Couture

Man oh man, am I glad I stumbled upon Priscilla on Instagram because her blog has been my daily dose of fashion and flare. She models different outfits around the city and I have been loving the looks she puts together. For instance, this Oscar-inspired Glitz and Glam post is so lovely!


5. Our Waldo Bungie

Ok, I’m a total dog person. More like, I’m helplessly obsessed / in love with dogs! That’s why I love following my friend’s blog – Our Waldo Bungie. Her and her husband foster different dogs, blog their daily adventures with the dogs and try to get them adopted by great families. I love looking back on their former foster dogs and hearing about the great happy endings they got thanks to my friends.



**Shameless Plug**

I also have to give a shameless plug / shout out to my dad’s blog – Pat Murfey’s Off The Beaten Path Restaurant Review. He reviews the best of the best in local food around KC and there’s bound to be a a joint on his blog that you haven’t checked out!