Girls Night IN

Worried about not having a date this valentine’s day? OK so maybe it’s not ideal, but what are friends for, am I right? Throw the baddest Valentine’s Party using these awesome (and delicious) ideas for the perfect Friday night with your girls.

To start:

Decorations, step number one, to get the good vibes going.
Keep it simple, these paper hearts are easy to hang from any doorway or wall in your place.

Even simpler: Drizzle some confetti on any flat surfaces in the party area, soon to be crowded by obviously themed drinks.

throw an awesome night in or out for valentine's day with your girls

Next, you’ll need drinks. Because you’re with your friends, there’s no pressure to be the perfect hostess. Easy drinks to prepare? Frozen margaritas. To keep ‘em in theme go with cranberry or strawberry and garnish with fruit and sugar or salt. Blend and enjoy. All you’ll need is strawberry margarita mix, tequila and lime. Enjoy.

Throw an Awesome Night in or Out With Your Girls for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Would Not be Complete without chocolate of course, so here are some awesome recipes from bloggers Aimee and Lindsay. Should be quick and easy, but to avoid Pinterest Fails , pretty much anything dipped in chocolate will do 😉 To do that, all you need is to bring semi-sweet chocolate chips and butter to simmer on the stove-stop. Layer the mixture on your favorite snacks like strawberries, pretzels, or bananas and sprinkle with some heart sprinkles. Festive and delicious.

 Throw an Awesome In or Out for Valentine's Day with Your Girls

For entertainment, remember laughter is the best medicine ;).  Watch Bridesmaids or have a GIRLS marathon. Either will have you joking away your singledom.

Girls Night OUT

If you feel like a night out on V-day you’re in luck because the holiday falls on a Friday this year, so there is sure to be a lot going on, as long as you’re not afraid of running into a couple “Stop Light” parties here and there.  Follow the girl’s night in directions about and follow that up with grabbing a cab or a DD out for drinks and a good time instead. And, Kansas City is hosting a few Anti-Valentine’s Day parties too if that is the mood you’re feeling! Whatever you end up doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even if that’s nothing at all, enjoy your time with friends or significant others and remind yourself of all the awesome love you have in your life!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Cheers ladies!

Sinead <3