The Family that Plays Together Stays Together 

Family GameEvery year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving my incredible Uncle David puts on the event of the season at his home him in Ballwin, Missouri. All of my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins (over the age of 18) get together for the annual Game-A-Thon. It’s an all-night competition featuring games, appetizers, and booze. What could be more fun?

Everyone gets to my Uncle’s house around 6:30 in order to set their app out, put their beer in a koozie, and hit up registration. That’s right I said registration.After everyone is registered, you’re assigned a random number which is how you know what game you play in which round. I’m pretty sure an elaborate algorithm is in play somewhere.

This year there were 9 games and 9 rounds- Bumper Pool, Shuffle Board, Darts, Orbs, Spoons, Bowling, Rebound, Ping Pong, and Putt Putt spread throughout the house. Some games like Spoons are an individual sport, allowing for a higher possible score, while others like ping pong are a team effort.

After every round my Uncle David sounds the end of a round with a loud duck call and your score is marked on a giant scoreboard and you move on to the next round.

Some of the games are ridiculously embarrassing, yet surprisingly fun. This next one was a game taken off that show “Minute to Win It.” “Rebound” is where you have to get as many of 16 balls into a trash can by throwing them at a clipboard latched to your partner’s pants.

Due to some illegal hand play last year, a rule was added that you had to keep your hands on your head this year.

Click here to watch this rebound round.

In the end a winner is announced, but not just for first place, there is also a trophy for the infamous “Dead Ass Last.” This year the winner and loser happened to both be in the St. Gemme family Jim and his girlfriend Steph took home the trophies.

After all the festivities have come to a close there’s still one more treat for all the veterans…

All of the newbie first timers must be subjected to the “Belly Ball.” This year was Jackie and her boyfriend, Joel’s first Game-A-Thon.

First Timer Jackie Plays Belly Ball

First Timer Joel Plays Belly Ball

In the end, the night is a beer and game filled night of absolute fun and everyone leaves with a giant smile on their face. Well almost everyone. This year’s runner up, my cousin Andy took the one point difference like a champ.

Andy, with Jim, not so happy about 2nd place.

My favorite part of the Game-A-Thon this year was my family’s willingness to dress up in order to make the pics for this post a little more fun. There truly is nothing better than family.

Janine and her brother Jason sporting their gear and game faces.

Thanks to the 40 participants this year. See you next year!