What a season from last year. I am dedicating this post to my fandom for the Chiefs and my personal Chiefs Pride after an incredible couple of months so far.  Not only is our record not too shabby, but Kansas City reclaimed its title as having the loudest stadium in the NFL.  How awesome is that?  We hit 137.5 decimals at Arrowhead!
The season has been unbelievable and fun to keep up with whether or not you’re a sports fan.  It’s hard not to let the excitement rub off on you.  I got to take in the whole KC Chiefs experience at the beginning of the season, complete with tailgating, and it was a blast as usual.  Here are some pictures from the game! 🙂

Chiefs Pride

We may not have won the game yesterday, but we are still 9-2. I’ll take those odds. 

Let’s finish this great season strong!! I will definitely be keeping up with and rooting on the Chiefs this season. Hope you all are with me showin’ your Chiefs pride!
Sarah Balderston