DIY Conditioner

So you’ve made your own shampoo and now it’s time for your own DIY natural conditioner right? Well it’s more of a rinse than a detangler or conditioner, but it’s going to promote the natural oils to return to your scalp and hair, rather than putting a bunch of weird chemicals on your hair. Those chemicals coat your hair, weighing it down and building up a film which create frizz.

So forgo the chemicals and just rinse with this recipe after shampooing. I recommend brushing your hair out before showering because this rinse isn’t going to detangle your hair or leave it feeling like the silky soft conditioner, which you all now know is a total façade to the conditioner way of life, since it’s actually not great for your hair.

If you’re freaking out about the smell of apple cider vinegar in your hair, maybe you’re not quite ready for this life altering change for the better, because it does faintly smell like salad dressing until your hair dries. It dissipates quickly, but if you’re anything like my sister, you’ll never be able to get passed it. The essential oils help mask the apple cider vinegar, but not completely, but like I said, it’s a short amount of time, and your hair will love you for it.

DIY Conditioner


  • Water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Essential Oil (choose a scent you like)


  • Funnel
  • Container for your rinse


  1. Combine 50% water to 50% apple cider vinegar
  2. Add 30 drops of your essential oil for scent
  3. Shake to combine