pohtoshoot sneak peek

If you follow us in social media land, you may have seen that we recently had a photo shoot. It was so fun to get the ladies together again, have some drinks, snacks and take some pictures for our winter photo shoot. We won’t be revealing the full photo shoot in this post (you’ll have to check back later for that!), but I would like you give you a little behind the scenes look at the day and show off some of the fun styles we featured from Hopeless Designs.

Drinks, mimosas and snackies were in order to get the day started:

photo shoot set up

Luckily, those champagne bottles came in hand and were perfect to help us set the scene for the shoot on the roof:

house of femme sneak peek photo shoot

 It got a bit chilly on the roof, so Andrea and Sarah bundled up!

andrea moran sarah navarro house of femme

We all were told to go all out with classy glam and jewelry. I sported a lacy dress from Forever 21 and boutique blazer. My favorite parts of my outfit were all in the jewels.

outfit house of femme photoshoot

In particular, I loved showing off new jewelry from a new etsy gem I’ve just found out about called Hopeless Designs. These ‘classy and fabulous’ pieces are incredibly unique and well-crafted by Asa Hope. She uses lovely charms and antiques to make each piece special with vintage flair. I am definitely doing some major holiday shopping for my girlfriends on the site. For the shoot, I wore this timeless piece — the clock even works!

Keep in touch with Asa and like the Hopeless Designs page on Facebook

hopeless designs

 More pics to come, keep checking back with us!

house of femme photo shoot