I recently joined a dinner club, that meets once a month at a member’s home. The hostess sends out the menu and each person is designated a dish. I was super excited when it was time for everyone to come out to my home. Trouble was- my dinner table sat four people and there are seven of us in the club. So I was in a jam, and needed to find a cheap, but chic alternative. I found this great table at an antique store for a bargain, which folded out to fit ten people, but it only came with four chairs. So once again, I was in a bind. Until, I remembered these dirty old chairs just sitting in the basement of my beau’s grandfather’s home.

The chairs were very similar to the four that came with the table. So why not unite them with some pretty new fabric? Sometimes you just have to see the potential in a good piece of furniture, no matter how ugly the fabric.

So for thirty bucks, I had picked out a beautiful new stain resistant fabric, and was ready to take my chairs from retro drab to modern fab.


  • Enough fabric to cover all your chairs with a four inch overlap on all sides
  • If your chair padding is gone or deteriorated you’ll need chair padding as well


  • Fabric pencil
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Screwdriver
  • Straight edge or long metal ruler
  • Staple gun with lots of staples


1) Remove seat from chair with screwdriver.

DIY Chair Makeover

2) Measure and cut fabric allowing yourself four inches to stretch around sides and back of seat.

DIY Chair Makeover

3) Starting in the middle and working your way to the corner, tightly pull the fabric against the seat and staple (from the middle out) the fabric to the seat. Following suit for all four sides.

DIY Chair MakeoverDIY Chair Makeover

Working from side to side in a clockwise motion, be careful around the corners pulling the fabric in a couple different areas in order to keep a nice round corner.

4) Screw seats back onto chairs.

DIY Chair Makeover

Now your once boring old chairs, are the hit of the party, and no one has to know you only spent $30 on them.