This summer delivered a number of box-office hits like World War Z, Man of Steel, and Fast and Furious 6 (yep, there’s a sixth!), but there were also a lot of awesome comedies.  Here are my top three favorite comedies you might’ve missed; they’re silly but hilarious.  Just a heads up, so you know what to go for at Redbox this month!

The Internship

The Internship

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are back after eight lost years since the duo came out with Wedding Crashers multi-million dollar box-office and one liner hit of the Summer in 2005.  Expectations are high for this summer comedy, but the good news? Written, screenplay by and starring Vaughn himself this summer’s comedy is one of my favorite comedies of the summer.  The flick is surprisingly laugh-out-loud funny all the way through, clean, family friendly and heartwarming all at once.  I have to hand it to Vaughn, known primarily for his frat-pack style comedies (Think Old School and Bad Santa).  Internship isn’t his first time writing either—enter The Break up—but it is his best.   I went in with high hopes, and the film did not disappoint.  The comedy centers around two best friends (Step Brothers level of friendship) who get laid off at their sales job and somehow land an internship at Google. As the pair are well into their forties, they are immediately rejected by all the quick, young ivy league college students with which they are competing for full-time jobs at Google. After splitting into teams they compete in a number of challenges for the ultimate prize of a career at Google. Nick and Billy’s team, no doubt the underdogs, have us on their side the entire way through, making us laugh all the while.  Definitely give this comedy a try, and let’s look forward to the long, successful careers of Vaughn and Wilson. . .hopefully together for us to enjoy!

On DVD: Oct. 22nd

This Is the End

This Is the End

Full of about 20 household names–and that is just in the first ten minutes–the apatow, real-life comedy is packed with stars, in what appears to be their natural habitat? Let me explain.  If you missed Rogen and Franco’s This Is the End, the movie is set in what is about to become post-apocalyptic where every actor plays themselves, Rihanna and Emma Watson included, and they must go to some drastic measures to survive in the bro-mansion, that is Franco’s Beverly Hills home. With only what is left in the pantry and with the resources inside the house, the guys squirm daily and turn against each other, in fears that the aliens will scoop them up next.  Who will stoop the lowest? Ch, ch check it out. The movie begins in the airport where Rogen is picking up Jay Baruchel (You know him from She’s Out of My League) his less than mainstream fellow actor friend, who is less than pumped about hanging out with Franco and the gang.  Against his will, he attends the house party, and demons, aliens, and explosions ensue.

Not your everyday comedy.

On DVD: Oct. 1st

We're the Millers

We’re the Millers

Put KC native Jason Sudeikis and THE Jennifer Aniston in a film together, and I am seeing it, no questions asked. Fortunately though, it made me laugh all the way through. This silly summer movie about a bunch of misfits who all seem to have no one to go home to band together to pose as the All-American family on an RV trip to transport—yes, AKA drug mules–thousands of pounds of that’s right, weed. Off to Mexico, arguing all the while, the “arguments”, trials and tribulations make for a hilarious comedy, that will have you laughing at their ridiculous puns, and the kids will even surprise you too. In fact, the best part may have been the awkward teenage son Kenny’s (Will Poulter) rendition of the classic Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls by the one and only TLC.  Check out what’s up next for these two. Both Aniston and Sudeikis have Horrible Bosses 2 in the works, so you can revel in the glory of this duo once again, set for Thanksgiving of 2014.

Status: Still in THEATERS! 🙂

So, if you wanna kick back some Fall evening and watch one of these movies to relax, I highly recommend all three; they’ll have you cracking up in your cozy socks all night–well, maybe the cozy socks thing is just me!