School is hard, you have a lot of assignments, meetings, and commitments to spend time on… I get it. If you are anything like me, you wish there were more hours in a day so that you could take another one of those tasks off of your list. But WAIT… is smelling the roses on your list? What about journaling about your day? Do you have time to listen to your body? Have you thought about what areas in your life you want to work on?

Get to Know Yourself                          


I asked all these very questions from myself, after one semester at Kansas State University (GO CATS!). I found myself getting caught up with homework and tests so much that I hardly ever found time to connect with my other side. You know… the side that wants to do yoga, cook cool recipes, go swing dancing, volunteer in a family resource center, do taekwondo, get a motorcycle license, think about why she’s here, and where she wants to go.

Getting to Know YourselfGetting to Know YourselfGetting to Know Yourself

So there it was, desire to grow in areas of my life other than electrical engineering. I just needed a plan to commit to. I knew I wanted to be physically active so I fit yoga, wall climbing, and swing dancing in my schedule, either early in the morning or later in the evening, between 30 minutes to an hour. Moreover, I realized that I wanted to mature spiritually, so I looked for resources available to me at school and found great mentorship.

Throughout this progressive journey, I have learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and I have been able to find a balance in my life to hold on to. So lately, it hasn’t just been about school, graph paper, soldering, coding, and due dates. It’s also been about child’s pose, country 2-step, getting my yellow belt in taekwondo, and going for a 3-hour motorcycle ride.

Getting to Know Yourself


Neelou Hadavandifard

Nee Lou

Neelou is a senior in electrical engineering with a focus in biomedical engineering. After graduating from K-State, she plans to go to graduate school and study biomedical engineering. Currently, she works as a Scholars Assisting Scholars (SAS) tutor, and as far as a career path, to start, she would like to work for a large healthcare company and establish her own business later on.