Summer heat is in its final stretch, but I have for you  our top 5 end of summer trends that will keep you feeling and looking fabulous and care-free. Also, remember trends only work in moderation, so be choosy!

1.  Bright Lipstick

Bright Lipstick

A little bit of fuchsia or neon lipstick adds a pop of color to any outfit.  Works best without a lot of other accessories or colors.  Keep the eye make-up simple when going for this look!

2. The Crop Top Combo

This summer trend might have to top the list for me; I love that with this you can still pull off the crop top trend without having to reveal your whole mid-drift.  I’ve seen this the most paired with patterned or colorful tops on black skirts but switching that with a floral skirt and more subtle top would be fun.

3.  Cut-out Backs

Cut-out Backs

Cut-out, peek-a-boo style backs come in all shapes in sizes, and they seem to be popping out everywhere this summer. Decide for yourself if they’re for you.

4.  Patterned Shorts

Patterned Shorts

No matter how colorful and trendy, this trend is sticking around for a while.  Last year floral shorts were everywhere, and this year patterns, patterns, patterns.  Pick the style and print that are best for you.  Would go great with our number two trend, crop tops if the shorts are high-waisted

5.  Anything Gatsby

Anything Gatsby

After the monumental and much-anticipated Summer film The Great Gatsby hit theaters, stars were spotted sporting Gatsby-inspired trends this summer.  Pull of the winged eyeliner or a faux bob for the look.

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