Summer Fun by Suburban Spunk

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Summer is hands down my favorite season. The sunshine, BBQs, outdoor concerts and sweet smell of coconut tanning oil is hard to resist. However, the true dog-days of summer can bring humidity, unpleasant high temps and pesky mosquito bites, not to mention the old adage that even sunshine burns if you get too much.

So, how do you create the feel of summer while enjoying the comfort of A/C inside your home? Let me tell you how in 6 easy steps…

1. Lighten up. Swap out bed linens, throw blankets and accent pillows for lighter weight materials. It’s time to remove the chunky wool throw from your sofa and the heavy comforter on your bed. Instead, throw some colorful accent pillows on the couch. Use a cotton coverlet on your bed in a bright white or pale turquoise to brighten up the room and create a beachy, serene feel. It is also a great idea to remove heavy drapes or curtains from your windows. Let the light in!

Summer Fun by Suburban Spunk

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2. Grab a can of paint. Nothing transforms a room or piece of furniture as quickly or inexpensively as paint. Tired of a dark stained coffee table? Give it a high-gloss paint treatment in a funky color like cobalt blue or blood-orange. Tired of your beige walls? Wake them up with a textured accent wall.

Summer Fun by Suburban Spunk

3. Blur the lines of indoor/outdoor. Add some easy to care for succulents on your coffee table. Gather some pretty flowers from your outdoor rose or hydrangea bushes and put them in an inexpensive vase or glass to wake up your kitchen counter or nightstand on the cheap. Display potted plants on low window sills or around your patio door.

Summer Fun by Suburban Spunk

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4.  Is a summer rainstorm keeping you inside all night? Let the laidback attitude of summer lead you. Turn off the TV and put your iPhone away. Lay out a blanket on the floor of the family room, scatter some pillows and have an indoor picnic. Put on some Bob Marley or Kenny Chesney and chat with your friends over guacamole and a pitcher of Sangria. Turn off the lights and light candles for a romantic picnic with your partner. Bonus points for roasting s’mores over the stove.

 Summer Fun Suburban Spunk

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5. Switch out photos. Summer is a great time to switch out the holiday pictures and display pics from last year’s beach vacation or from the last BBQ with friends. Take your favorite photo of you at a carnival as a child to a local print shop and have them blow it up for you. Hang it up on the mantel or any empty wall space you have. Seeing these images can’t help but take you back to those wonderful memories of past summers.

Summer Fun by Suburban Spunk


  1. Out of sight, out of mind. Pack away your winter goods. Store sweaters in a storage bin under the bed. Place your boots in the back of your closet. Make your fun, little summer dresses ready to grab when you open your closet and have to hurry to an impromptu girls’ night.
Summer Fun by Suburban Spunk

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I hope these tips help you enjoy this warm season. Have a wonderful summer…inside and out.


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