When I first started looking into natural alternatives for things like deodorant and lotion, I kept running into recipes with the main ingredient of coconut oil. It was in everything, and the more I researched and experimented with the wonders of coconut oil, I found out just how amazing and versatile this product actually is. I now keep a jar in the kitchen and a jar in the bathroom for all my coconut oil needs.

coconut oil

I’ve posted my deodorant and lip balm  recipes in the past featuring coconut oil as the main ingredient, but here is a list of other things I use coconut oil for…

  • Body Lotion– Coconut Oil keeps your skin super moisturized while giving it a healthy shine.
  • Face Lotion– I know what you’re thinking, won’t that make my face oily and start to break out? Not at all. Since I’ve started using coconut oil as my face lotion I rarely get pimples anymore. Simply apply and let absorb into your face. If you’re in a hurry to apply makeup and go. Just pat off any excess with a towel and you’re good to go.
  • Shaving cream– You wouldn’t believe all of the horrible ingredients in shaving cream that you’re allowing to seep into your pores during a hot shower.  Substitute coconut oil and your legs will come out silky smooth and moisturized.
  • Hair Mask– Dry hair and split ends can make your hair feel trashy, but with a little coconut oil hair mask, you’ll be giving those limp locks a shiny boost.
  • Sunburn Remedy– While some swear by aloe, coconut oil will also help relieve the pain of a sunburn.
  • Cooking– This may sound pretty general, but I use coconut oil for everything from frying an egg to adding a scoop to a smoothie for added energy.
  • Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware– Just apply to your cast iron pots and pans at a medium heat after cleaning.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, and I’m sure I’ll be using it for something new next week, but here are a few posts on the health benefits and other common uses for coconut oil.