How To Make a Yoga Mat Carrier in 10 Simple Steps

Don’t like a shirt, shirt, curtains, or old table cloth, but love the fabric? Turn it into something new!

Turn your old skirt, shirt or fabric into a new yoga mat carrier.

I love this skirt, mainly because of the fabric. I always thought I’d wear it someday and then realized it wasn’t the 90s anymore, so new yoga mat carrier it is.

Here’s a how to make a yoga mat carrier in 10 steps:
1) Measure out at least 21×30 inches long.

Measure Your Fabric

Cut your fabric to be approximately 21×30 inches long.

2) Measure out material for strap to be at least 6×30 inches.
3) Fold over strap on itself long ways so it measures out 3×30 inches.

Measure your strap to be 3x30 inches.

Measure your strap to be 3×30 inches.

4) Do a straight stitch along the pinned edge.

5) Take your big piece and flip it so the finished side is face up (side you want to show on the outside of you bag ) *make sure you sew inside out so you can flip it right side in as your finished product.
6) Place the ends of the straps along the inside edge of the fabric on one side and pin in place.

Place Fabric Ends Together

Pin the fabric on one side to prepare for straight stitch.

7) Fold your fabric over to create a 10.5×30 piece with the straps inside the fabric and pin in place.
8) Do a straight stitch along the sides and bottom, leave the top open.
9) Cut the excess material and fold right side in.

Cut Material and Done
10) Namaste and you’re done!

Yoga Mat Carrier by Kathryn

Now that you’re done making your yoga mat carrier, get your namaste on.