While the negative stigmas surrounding online dating are dissipating, some women are still hesitant to give it a go. Let me offer you the ins and outs of online dating from over a year of first-hand experience!

Something I want to make clear right now is that online dating is not just for lame-o peeps who can’t find a man in real life. I have never had problems finding dates and I’ve had relationships that lasted for several years, I would not consider myself a dating or relationship novice. Here are my top reasons for turning to the online dating scene:

1. It’s hard to meet guys through work. I am a manager in retail and my employees are all female. Even if you are in a setting where you are around the male species, it can be difficult to balance work and personal if you date a person you work with. It can be done, but it is an arduous route that requires an immense amount of self-discipline, balance and communication for you to define the different work and personal relationship.

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2. You’ve exhausted the ‘meeting my friends’ friends’ route. While having a mutual friend introduce you to a guy is an awesome way to meet someone, after awhile your options run out! Eventually, it starts to feel like all the people you meet are “recycled”.

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3. You aren’t finding the type of guys you want at your weekend hangouts. We have all had a magical experience at a bar where we dance or chat with a sexy man all night, but how many times has he turned out to be what you are actually looking for in a partner?

why online dating4. You won’t get discouraged if you don’t find Prince Charming on day 1. While online dating gives you hundreds of guys’ profiles at your finger tips, realize it is still a process that takes time, effort, and thoughtful planning.

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