2013 oscar predictions

You may have already seen my alternative Oscar picks, but now that we have come to the last leg of the 85th Annual Oscar race, it is time to get down to business and make some serious 2013 Oscar predictions! We, the public, are able to see a great deal of the politics involved via the media, but a great deal of behind-the-scenes campaigning is shrouded in mystery to you or me. Still, here are the talented few I see coming out on top next Sunday night!

Lincoln Movie oscar 2013

Goes toLincoln.
This historic, inspirational, meticulous Amendment-passing extravaganza screams Oscar! Plus, with a leading twelve nominations, it definitely has support from most branches of the Academy. This has been an exceptionally challenging year to predict Best Picture, especially after the ease of figuring out the last several years’ winners ahead of time (The Artist, The King’s Speech, The Hurt Locker), but with Argo and Zero Dark Thirty (my personal favorite) being undeservedly left out of the Directing pool, I think I glimpse a win for a new Spielberg classic.

Possible stealArgo.
Had Ben Affleck been nominated for Best Director I would have absolutely called this race for Argo. Given this astounding film’s sweeping of pre-Oscar film awards, I say it will be a close call.

steven spielberg oscars 2013

Goes toSteven Spielberg (Lincoln).
The Academy likes handing a statuette to the director of their Best Picture pick. And even if Best Picture goes to another film, with Kathryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck enigmatically dropped from consideration, I say this is a sure thing. Spielberg certainly deserves it above the other four.

Possible stealDavid O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook).
His film is catching plenty of buzz, though mainly for its cast (it’s the first film in 31 years to get nominations in all four acting categories). He was nominated two years ago for The Fighter, and that cast was honored in two acting categories. There is a slight possibility that this will be a good Oscar night for Mr. Russell.

daniel day lewis 2013 Oscar Predictions

Goes toDaniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln). Of all nominees in all categories, he and Adele (Best Original Song “Skyfall”) are the two supreme sure things. They are both unstoppable freight trains. He deserves this one, and he will nab it. It is funny how we have no way to check how accurate his performance is, though. We know his make-up artists were spot on.

Possible stealNo chance.
My high school’s student poll did select Denzel Washington (Flight) though, just in case you were wondering.

Jessica Chastain 2013 Oscar Predictions

Goes toJessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty).
I am confident that the most deserving nominee will come away with the award this year, though she is one of a strong Best Actress field. She won a Golden Globe (though so did her strongest opponent, Jennifer Lawrence), won Best Actress at the Critics Choice Awards (Ms. Lawrence nabbed Actress in a Comedy), and lost the Screen Actors Guild Award to Ms. Lawrence, but politics dictate Ms. Chastain’s more advanced age and her recent Oscar near-miss (for The Help) will put sympathy on her side. And with this gripping, puzzling, enraging, moving, and important performance as a CIA analyst still in the field today, how could she not be on her way to victory? Like Mr. Day-Lewis, however, it is impossible to test the precision of her portrayal.

Possible stealJennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook).
The race is on her side as of now, but voter guilt about Kathryn Bigelow’s snub should propel Ms. Chastain forward. Still, Ms. Lawrence has been nominated and lost in the past, and her movie obviously has voters looking out for it, and plenty of positive buzz, unlike Zero Dark Thirty, whose press ranges from exclamatory outrage to high praise.

tommy lee jones 2013 Oscar Predictions

Goes toTommy Lee-Jones (Lincoln).
With the Academy voters so in love with nominating this film, I say it will win a few, and this is one of the categories it is favorite to win. Plus, Mr. Lee-Jones already has the Screen Actors Guild Award. And he is high in years with one Oscar for The Fugitive and three other nominations, so it is again his time.

Possible stealRobert De Niro (Silver Linings Playbook).
He may already have two Oscars, but not for 32 years (he is also older than Mr. Lee-Jones), and as I said already, there is plenty of support behind his film. Christoph Waltz has already nabbed prizes for Django Unchained, but he is fresh off an Oscar win and not making the inspirational re-appearance Mr. De Niro is making.

Ann hathaway 2013 Oscar Predictions

Goes toAnne Hathaway (Les Misérables).
She is undefeated in pre-Oscar film awards and still receiving positive press for her short but profound performance. It is just a damn shame she was not nominated for The Dark Knight Rises as well.

Possible stealSally Field (Lincoln).
Believe it or not, for a while I thought Ms. Field was likely to take this. She probably will have no more chances to win, and the Academy is on Lincoln’s side, but she does have two Oscars, and Ms. Hathaway was pretty wow.


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