The Oscars are a little more than a month away, so it’s time for the top 5 movies of 2012 to see for the Oscars 2013…

the perks of being a wallflower

5. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Lonely high school freshman Charlie faces plenty of high school stereotype foes and friends and inner demons. His tale brings you down and lifts you up in rapid succession as you experience the horrors and thrills of starting out high school with him (trust me, yours was better than his). This film improves on an already fantastic novel about the teenage experience. And never has the song “Come on Eileen” been so moving.

Notable performance: Ezra Miller, as Charlie’s good friend Patrick and stepbrother to Emma Watson’s Sam. He’s hilarious and powerful. He’s nothing short of shining.

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moonrise kingdom

4. Moonrise Kingdom

Endearingly weird and weirdly, wildly endearing. The love story at the film’s center is mightily awkward but horribly adorable, and pulls in many an interesting and unique character to hunt down two (very) young runaways. Remarkable cinematography, fun sets and settings, and general all-around hilarity make this sweet, quirky comedy unforgettable.

Notable performance: Kara Hayward, as the young intimidating love interest Suzy. She takes the show away from acting greats the likes of Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, and Bruce Willis.

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3. Argo

A film of terrific and chilling beginnings: The opening Embassy invasion scene is gripping and horrifying, and every scene following seems to start with a beautiful shot that pulls you in. As actors ignorantly read hilarious lines from a crappy sci-fi film, hostages in Iran are seen undergoing real ordeal. Everything about the film is meticulous, with great attention to detail and talent clad acting. It is at times laugh-out-loud hilarious, at times frightening, and at times poignant and touching, but at all times great.

Notable performance: Bryan Cranston, who as CIA agent Jack O’Donnell, provides forcefulness and unease. He is more powerful than the raved about Alan Arkin and John Goodman in this movie, but in surprising moments even just as funny.

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2. Anna Karenina

Not only the most beautifully filmed movie of the year, but one of the most stunning and enrapturing films I’ve ever seen. Keira Knightley is passionate and entrancing as Anna. As the cast gracefully shifts on and off a stage, the best film score of the year accompanies touching, sweet romance and tragic, desperate betrayal all in one magnificent, gripping experience.
Notable performance: Matthew Macfadyen, as Anna’s wise but cheating brother. His comedic timing is outstanding and his talent apparent.

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the dark knight rises
1. The Dark Knight Rises

The most anticipated movie of the year did not disappoint. It pretends (very awesomely) to be a superhero movie but speaks to the times and portrays class warfare to the extreme, with social unrest portrayed subtly in every scene until violence breaks out and, yes, Batman has to save the day. So it’s a superhero movie, but the most heart-pounding, surprising, beautiful one—ever. Every acting performance appears thought out and original, and every scene is gripping. One of the most touching, powerful movie endings I’ve ever seen left me above and beyond satisfied. Batman saved the day and ended a remarkable trilogy on an excellent note.

Notable performance: Anne Hathaway, in my favorite performance of the year (okay, I’m a teenage boy so I’m biased). She played two powerful roles this year as down in the dumps victims of society, but in one she sells herself and gets sick, and in the other she rises up, kicks ass, and melts even Batman’s heart as Selina (well, Catwoman). And she’s actually pretty darn moving in this role. Ladies of House of Femme, this is a strong woman who doesn’t accept anyone’s shit.

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alex murfey

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