Top 5 reasons Why NOW is Always a Good Time to Pursue your Dreams.

The new year is upon us. It has been said that 2012 is a transformational year. The truth is, every year of your life can be transformational. You must simply be open to it. Being open and aware is the first step in creating the life of your dreams.

We all hear about dreams, and it seems that it exists somewhere ‘out there’ for other people, but for some reason, not for us. Why is this? Somewhere along the road of our lives, we forget what it means to dream. We live in a society that teaches us to constantly be on the chase. Sadly, this type of chase can breed fear and a constant state of emergency. Those messages in our environment echo a sentiment of lack. Which can subconsciously turn into a false belief about yourself – that YOU are not enough, and that my dear, is simply untrue. Beware of becoming caught up in the circumstances of your life and don’t losing sight of the possibilities.

Its time to get out of our heads and feel with our heart. First, become aware, make concerted choices, and lastly, take action! When you have an idea, or a moment of inspiration, consider it a gift from the Universe.

Here are the top 5 reasons:

Your vision is unlike anyone else’s. Ever.
No matter where you were born, or what kind of family you were born into – You have unique gifts that
you are meant to put to use. Upon discovering what it is, it is your duty to go out and pursue it. If not, you
run the risk of feeling like something is always amiss in your life.

Your Happiness is worth it.
I know, it can be a scary thought to quit your full time job and pursue your dreams -but it doesn’t have to
be that drastic . The first step is just in the awareness. Once you become aware suddenly parts of your
dream show up in your life as opportunities, people you meet, classes to take, and simply ideas. Thats
your dream giving you a big ‘THANK YOU FOR NOTICING ME’!

There will never be a ‘better time’.
Your life is happening now. There are no dress rehearsals. Now is the only time there ever is. When you
catch yourself making excuses, you are usually operating out of fear. Rid yourself of the fear and move
on. You will feel liberated.

All other areas of your life start to stabilize.
When you start moving in the direction of your dreams, suddenly the world around you seems like a
happier place. Once you start fulfilling your desire for more, all else in your environment becomes
aligned with your goals. The synchronicity of this law can be shocking and surprising! Keep your eyes and
ears open!

Pursuing your dream is part of the dream.
You have heard it before, It’s about the journey not only the destination.

Answering the beckoning call to our purpose on earth is fulfilling the deepest part of you. This call can be scary to face. Why? Because once you recognize it, it’s there to stay! The truth is, what you are scared of is not really reality. Most of the time, Its a made up idea that someone put in your head a long time ago. Most likely, when you were a child. Fear and self sabotage holds most people back from pursuing their dreams. Again, be aware. When you continue to avoid the longing the annoyance of its nagging becomes louder and louder and the void in your life becomes bigger and bigger.

Often times we create problems or drama because we are avoiding addressing that longing. You are better than that! Take a leap of faith. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk, because girl, you are powerful, and you are FREE.

We are so lucky to live in a country with abundant resources and freedom. It is your birthright to feel free. Now, It’s up to you to take action. Claim your right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness, and I promise you, you won’t be looking back!

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Marwa Younis is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a thought catalyst for busy, professional women in discovering how to get healthy from the inside out. It is her mission and passion to help women get rid of their ‘stuck’ mentality by getting to the root of their health and life goals by taking action one step at a time. She is a firm believer in the power of your mind, body, and spirit in creating total health and well-being.