She Ain’t Got No Money in the Bank: An Ode to Christmas
By Lisa K. Navarro

Meet Lisa NavarroIt is such a blessing to have so many great friends in my life, but it’s not great on the wallet this time of year. ‘Tis the season…to stretch that dollar, folks! As a poor college student, it is really a struggle to get a gift for each of my friends. My friends and I have come up with the perfect solution! Drum roll please…

RANDOM GIFT EXCHANGE! *confetti shooters everywhere*

I know what you’re thinking, “What a dream!” Everybody gets a gift, and we all save money! Winner, winner, I can afford dinner. We have been doing this since middle school, and it never loses allure. Draw out of a hat and all of that fun stuff, but there are a few keys to making this successful.

1. Make sure you are truly friends with everyone involved.

  • There is nothing more embarrassing than being THAT girl. “Oh hey, I got [insert name] and I don’t really know him/her, so can we switch?” NO.

2. Set a money limit, and abide by the rules!

  • We usually set a 25 dollar limit or something in that area. You can go ham on some little gifts or one nice gift, take your pick! Follow the rules because if you go clearly above or below, next year will mean coal for you.

3. Get something meaningful.

  • It is so important to put thought into this gift because guess what. You only have to buy one! No matter what you buy your pal, they will love it even more if it truly means something to them.


  • That is it. Don’t do it. Once a person puts it out there, everyone lets it go. This has everyone figuring out who is buying his or her gift, and that just ain’t right.

Each of my buds is worth a million bucks! What do I look like to you? Not a millionaire, that’s what. I love them, I can’t afford them, and that is the stone cold truth. Do all of your friends the favor of suggesting a random gift exchange this year. You won’t regret it!

*Remember: Once you draw a name, Christmas will never be the same.