It was one of my best friends Birthdays this past week so I decided to make her a framed chalk board.

Framed Chalkboard by Kathryn

I had some open frames from a thrift store awhile back and decided to spray paint it a slate gray and then cut a piece of wood painted with chalkboard paint to fill the frame. Easy and inexpensive at home project that anyone can do using a few items that you probably have at home.

What you need:

  • Frame
  • Spray Paint for easy coverage (or you could make it more detailed with hand painting)
  • Chalkboard Spray paint
  • Custom cut wood (make sure it’s wood that already has a seal on it to avoid water damage) OR  if you already have glass or a wood backing for the frame you can also use that.
  • Picture backings to hold the wood in the frame.
  • Hammer and flat head screwdriver
  •  A good quote and ribbon to customize your gift.

Create a Framed Chalkboard

How to:

1st: Paint your frame and your board; let dry

2nd: Place the frame upside down on a rug or carpet to avoid dings or dents from hammering and place painted chalkboard in frame.

Put Frame Face Down
3rd: Using the flat head screw driver place the picture backings up against the back of the chalkboard into the inside of the frame; hammer in the backings. Space them 4 or 5 inches apart all the way around.

Add Picture Backings
4th: Find a quote and customize the back to show some love.

Find a Quote to Show Some Love
5th: Add some ribbon and you’re all done!

Add Ribbon