Contrary Polish made by Carriec

A friend mentioned his wife’s nail polish line the other day in passing and I was immediately intrigued by the idea her making this concoction of polish at her house. He quickly explained that she is an engineer and was constantly figuring out how to create her own solution for nail polish, and with a couple of samples, she developed, Contrary Polish! If that story by itself isn’t cool enough, he said that should be interested in sending the House of Femme ladies a few sample shades to try out!

A couple of days later the colors arrived and we snatched up our favorite fall color. As girls that are very familiar with the OPI line, Essie, and China Glaze, putting an indie polish to the test was going to be a fun comparison. As the first coat dried I could tell this “HAYRIDE” was seriously premium polish.

Hayride, Bonfire and Inky Fingers by Contrary Polish

The first round lasted for a solid week without any touch ups.  When I went to remove the polish I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the glitter in the gold polish was actual glitter crisps, not just the sheeny wannabe glitter polish that I’ve used before. For the next round I mixed up the colors and they looked great. Bonus points for feeling awesome about using a locally produced polish.

Contrary Polish

If you are ready to change up your line of polish, give Contracy Polish a try. Carrie, the owner, was recently asked to sell her line in the Llarowe Shop, an online store that features exotic nail polishes and supplies from all over the world. Pretty sweet gig for a gal that turned her hobby into a full line of polishes this year. She is still selling “minis” on her website or feel free to buy regular sized bottles from Llarowe. To see the rest of her collection check out out her blog, the colors will dazzle you.

Pick your Contrary Polish