Kathryn’s Top 10 places in Saint Louis…so far.

Coming home after 7 years has been an adventure. One would think I would be an expert on my home town, but upon arrival I realized how little I knew about the city. So I began the search as well as reunited myself with some old time favorites. Here are my top places to check out so far. More to come as the adventure continues.

10. Friendly’s
A South City Sport Bar with Great Prices and an enjoyable outdoor patio. Don’t be surprised if everyone is awfully nice there.

 9. Saint Louis Public Library        
I have always loved libraries since college. Not only to study, I like to nap in libraries, it’s very strange. The Saint Louis Public Library has multiple locations and offers a variety of services and events.

Saint Louis Public Library

8. Courtesy Dinner
One of my favorites after late night rendezvous. You can get a ton of food for under $10. 2 locations, between hwy 40 and 44 on Hampton and near Tower Grove Park. No matter where you were the night before, you won’t make a huge trek to grab some grub.

Courtesy Dinner

7. Kayaks Café, Kaldis Coffee
One of the best coffee houses in Saint Louis overlooking forest park. They have great space to study with big tables and plenty of outlets of computer chargers. They also have great food if ever hungry.

Kayaks Café, Kaldis Coffee:

6. Toms in the Central West End
During the World Series playoffs my friends and I decided on TOMS. It’s a great little neighborhood bar with great deals throughout the week, especially Karaoke night. It’s a good time.

5. Winslow’s Home and Farm
A unique business that offers food service provided from their local farm and home goods from all over. It’s a great place for breakfast or lunch and to grab some gifts for the holidays.  Check them out.

Winslow's Home and Farm

4. Beal on Broadway
One of our favorite places in STL for a night out in the city to enjoy good atmosphere and music. Check out Kim Massie on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Another HOF, Janine and I got a picture with the queen bee.

Beal on Broadway

3. Tivoli
In all of my 26 years I had never been to the Tivoli until this year in the LOOP of Saint Louis. If you’re looking for a theater with ambiance, this is the place.

2. Three Kings
Riverfront Times named Best Neighborhood Bar of midtown. Located directly across from the Tivoli in the LOOP, grab a drinks and dinner before or after the movies and enjoy yourself.

1. Forest park
My favorite place in STL since I was a kid. You can do almost anything here. The Saint Louis Zoo, Science Center, History Museum, and Art Museum are also located in the park. Check out www.forestparkforever.org to find out more.

Forest Park