Burlap Birthday Banner Made by Janine

I made this adorable banner for my son’s 7th birthday party. Not only was it fairly easy to make, but it was the perfect backdrop for the buffet table. The theme this year was a nature/camping motif. So while everything was done in a neutral color palate, the turning leaves and the smell of a bonfire made this party a hit.


Burlap Banner Materials

•    1 yard of light colored burlap
•    1 yard of dark colored burlap
•    1 package of alphabet stencils (I used Martha Stewart’s Plaid line)
•    1 tube of multi-surface paint (I used Martha Stewart’s)
•    Foam brush
•    Ribbon (make sure you have enough to stretch the length of your banner)
•    Scissors (I used a fabric rotary cutter)
•    Hot glue gun
•    1 piece of cardstock (to make template)


1.    Create a template for the shape of your pendants with your cardstock. I chose this fun flag shape, but make sure your widest letter in your stencil pack fits on the template.

Burlap Banner Template

2.    Cut out as many pendants/flags as you’ll need for your banner, don’t forget to include any spaces ie. Happy Birthday is 14 pendants because you’ll need a blank for the space in between happy and birthday.

Burlap Banner Pendants or Flags

3.    Using the foam brush and paint, apply your stencils to your pendants. Make sure to line up your letters in the center, and take into account the width of your ribbon which will be hot glued to the top of your pendant.

Apply your stencils to the pendants

4.    After paint has dried, apply your ribbon by hot gluing it to the top of your banner. Make sure you have enough left over on either side for hanging the banner.

Hang your Burlap Banner

Hang for perfection!