caliente mamma dubai

When I lost my job at Neiman Marcus, I went to travel Dubai!
A group of us went but three extravagant women (of course I was one of them) just had to stay 1 night at the only 7-star hotel in the world, the Burj al Arab.  The 3 of us split the $c2500 per night cost  My son Bob, General Manager of a Manhattan hotel,  called the GM of the Burg, & we were upgraded to a $7,000 per night suite as VIP’s!  How do you tip the cleaning lady?

Dubai Hotel Room
Living like a princess  just for one night is unforgettable.  They delivered iced bottled water, Lavender and Evian water spray bottles to you on the beach. You could push a button and a white gloved butler is at your disposal 24-7 to draw your bath, feed you dates or serve champagne.  My bed had a 24 carrot gold mirror over it to view my double chin and pot belly in my dancing reindeer nightie.   We checked in at 10 am and out the following day at 5 pm so we would get the most experience for the buck as they say.  We even splurged on a $200 steak in the sky bar; the next day we chowed down a Big Mac while snow skiing in the famous mall in the desert.

jeep caravan dubai
We went dune bashing in a caravan of jeeps in the Sahara Desert with crazy turbaned drivers, so wild that a girl threw up in front of a random passing camel, followed by a desert BBQ of ???  .  I met a handsome guy from Brazil under the tent in the desert; we still correspond by e mail today.

Caliente Mamma Dubai
We then took a helicopter ride over the  man-made the palm island  and around  to the soon to be tallest building in the world    The $800 we spent was the best investment ever . . I lived as royalty for 2 days actually and took home figs in a Burj shaped box and gold flakes to put in my cappuccino.

beauty and burj