House of Femme is very excited to introduce Sarah Nav’s younger sister, Lisa Nav! She is a freshman at Ohio State University, a super fan of Saturday Night Live and all movies that remind her of teen angst and fish nets (we’re looking at you Molly Ringwald!)

College Life by Lisa Navarro

The transition into college is extremely difficult. You miss your family and all around way of life. It is hard to lose your space and privacy, but it is really hard to lose friendships. When I graduated from high school a mere seven months ago, I didn’t realize how hard it is to be so far away from my closest friends. Now that I am three months into my career at The Ohio State University, I want to give some tips on figuring it all out.

 Step 1: Keep in touch

Come on, kids. We all have Facebook. Utilize it for its purpose. That is to network yourself, not to post your beloved mirror pictures. When I’m missing an old pal, I like to post a funny video, picture, or short comment just to let them know that I’m thinking about them. It’s not too pushy, but it puts the ball into their court. Also, most of us are blessed with the power of Skype and/or FaceTime.  It’s easy to catch up with your friends while you’re studying at your desk. Overall, MAKE THE EFFORT.

 Step 2: Let them breathe

I go to school with about ten of my best and closest friends. None of us live together, and we are all on different schedules. Deal with it! We are adults now, like grow up. Totally. It is awesome to be able to get together, but it is important to make new friends. If you limit yourself to the people you’re already comfortable with, your new school becomes very big and very lonely.

Step 3: Make those friends

It is beyond awkward trying to make friends at 18 years old. Get over it. That’s life. The best thing to do is go for it! If you like somebody you just met, ask for their number. They are almost always thinking the same thing. Also, keep and open mind when meeting new people. Everybody is nervous and awkward, and odds are so are you. Don’t judge a book by its cover, and you will have new besties in no time!

I love my college life. I have best friends across the nation right now. We keep in touch, and try to visit as often as we can. My new friends are amazing, and it is just funny how awkward we all were at first. Give it a chance, and you will love your friends even more in the end!


Meet Lisa NavarroMeet the House Guest Contributor: Lisa Navarro

Lisa Navarro is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting at The Ohio State University. A lover of sports and junk food, Lisa can be found strolling around campus sporting scarlet, grey, and an “I should work out” thought bubble over her head. As a true Ohioan, she enjoys living vicariously through television and movie characters as well as trying to escape to New York City. When confronted on things out of her league, Lisa is most likely to respond with, “Here we go Brownies, here we go!” It is believed that she is the younger sister of House of Femmer, Sarah, and attributes her lack of allure to Sarah’s selfish wrangling of all of the good DNA.