A former coworker of mine told me about Ohms Beads and Jewelry, I looked them up and was instantly charmed by the intricately detailed pieces. The owner of Ohm Beads makes affordable beads that resemble travel, love, birthstones, animals/pets, food, sports, make believe, music and hobbies. You pick out your charm, your type of bracelet (leather & silver) and voila, you have a simple statement piece that goes with virtually any outfit .

Ohm Beads

I saw a mini husky charm and instantly was smitten. According to the website,”The Siberian Husky is selective about the company he keeps but gain his trust and his loyalty will never waiver. While undeniably stunning in beauty, the husky is a working dog at heart and his speed, strength and endurance are unrivaled. The howl of a husky is starkly reminiscent of the wolf but this dog cherishes both his human and canine family. A lover of the great outdoors, this dog is intelligent and observant, making it an ideal companion to accompany an active lifestyle.”

I snatched up the husky charm and I am so glad I did. Now, onto finding the next charm…I’m leaning towards this little fella. These charms make for great gifts, especially if you want to surprise your mom with a beautiful lovey dovey charm for her to wear.

To create or buy a unique jewelry gift, necklace or bracelet visit, Ohms Charm Jewelry Necklaces and Bracelets, follow them on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter to hear about special releases and updates.

And lastly, if you are a designer, creater, or artist that is interested in collaborating with Ohm Beads, they want to hear from you. They have a cool community group where you can join them on Facebook and be apart of their “Community Designed Bead Project” and help inspire conversation with your design ideas.