Dia De Lost Muertos

This weekend, I had an amazing and inspirational experience when I went to the Day of the Dead Nelson Atkins Museum of Art celebrations. The altar, a vision of Betsabeé Romero, presented a very unique prospective on Día de los Muertos. The major hall of the Nelson was hung with ethereal jellyfish-like lanterns. On the tentacles of these lanterns were ribbons where visitors were encouraged to tie on the colored paper skulls  and flowers that they had colored and dedicated to loved ones passed on. I personally honored my grandpa who died this summer, his wife (my grandma) who he now joins and my dear great grandparents on my mother’s side.

Day of The Dead Nelson Atkins Museum

There was also traditional Mexican dancing. These kids were so flippin’ cute, they were irresistible! The dances were also very reflective of the  Mexican culture that surrounds the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Mexican Dancing

There was also an incredible Day of the Dead-themed processional that marched through the gallery with a pounding drum line and astounding costumes.

Day of the Dead Parade

All in all, the Nelson Atkins put on a spectacular Day of the Dead celebration that incorporated the entire community into the respect of this cultural event.