House of Femme is very excited to have the lovely ladies Hollis and Shoshana of Eyebrows and Lipstick share their Fall fashion favorites…

eyebrows and lipstick fall fashion favorites

We hate to put anyone’s style in a ‘box’, including our own (wear what you want! be a different person everyday! have fun!). But, nonetheless, Hollis veers ‘downtown’ and Shoshana’s more “uptown’. Whichever your preference, you can find those items that you love. We took a few of the biggest trends for fall and showed you how we’d interpret them. So here are a few fall items that we’re currently coveting…or have already coveted and in our closets. Enjoy!


In the fall, I tend to stick to a basic look of red lipstick, and all black clothing. However, I want a very preppy and pretty version of it with soft hair, 1950s red lips, long lashes, and pink cheeks.  Basically a sorority girl from the 1950s but with a bit of an update.

Shoshana's Fall Favorites

Leather –  A pencil skirt has always been a wardrobe essential, but I now think a leather pencil skirt is an perfect. This skirt is just waiting for a black cashmere sweater, a strand of pearls, and dark red lipstick. It’s current since it’s leather but it’s a classic because of its silhouette. Win-win. Snag the style.

Borrowed From the Boys – My husband owns this sweater and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve pulled it on.  To balance this boy look I really girl it up with super long lashes, and 1950s wavy hair. Think: going to school at Wellesley College in the 1950s. Snag the style.

Ladylike Details – Often I end up wearing black and black only, so something that has a bit of texture like lace has always been a go-to.  It’s instantly chic. I tend to wear lace stuff with something a little more plain – like black J. Crew Minnie pants, which is a classic Shoshana combo. And make sure to throw a brooch on that thang. Snag the style.

Dark Lipstick – As someone with black hair and super pale skin it can be a hard balance to find the right dark red lipstick that’s so current for fall.  I love this matte blue-red lipstick from NARS because it doesn’t make me look goth, which can be hard to accomplish.  It’s long-lasting, and the blue undertone makes my skin look flawless…so a miracle worker. Snag the style.


This fall, I’m looking for pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways and situations. I’m a sucker for trendier, edgier clothing, but want my clothes to be relevant in seasons to come. My inspiration is the effortlessly cool, hipster Brooklyn type. Here are a few of my must haves

Hollis's Fall Favorites

Ladylike Details – Generally, my style doesn’t include anything that could be deemed ‘ladylike’; that’s more my gal Shoshana’s jam. So I love this coat for taking a classic style and giving it new life with an unexpected color. Snag the style.

Dark Lipstick –  The easiest way to change your look on the cheap is to change your beauty routine. Dark lips are everywhere this fall, and this one is my favorite. Its super matte, and is dark without being too dark, so even if you’re a fair skinned blonde like me you can wear it without looking crazy. Snag the style.

Borrowed From The Boys – Stadium/Letterjacket style coat? Check. Leather Sleeves? Check. Menswear inspired? Check. Oxblood Colored? Check. Four trends in one, can’t beat that. Snag the style.

Leather – A leather shift is fantastic because, 1. Its sexy, no? And 2. It’s super versatile. I could see wearing it with heels for a night out, with booties and tights for a downtown chic type thing, or with a chunky knit for a unexpected day look. Snag the style.


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Shoshana and Hollis Fall Favorites

Shoshana and Hollis of Eyebrows and Lipstick
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