Are you hooked on the Fishtail braid but hopeless on how to reel in the perfect hair do?
Holly, our Hair How -To expert, shows us how to reel in that perfect Fishtail braid and takes it step by step with these Fishtail Braid Instructions.

1. Separate your hair into two pieces at the part.
2. Take a smaller strand from the back end of the half of hair on the left and separate from the larger piece of hair.


Hair How-To: Fishtail Braid Step Two


3. Bring this strand from the left over to the other half of hair on the right and hold it in place to the right half of the hair.
4. Do the same on the right side, separating a smaller piece from the back side of the right hair and bringing it over to the left. This should form what looks like an “x” between the two halves of hair.
5. Repeat steps  2 through 4, pulling more and more small strands from the left and right side to make more “x’s” Keep working your way from the back to the front of the halves of hair with the smaller strands. Pull the strands tight so that the criss-crossing of the strands is clean.



6. Work your way down your hair with these “x’s” until you reach the end. Tie off with a hair band and you are Fishtailin’ like  pro!


Hair How-Two: Fishtail Braid


Alyssa Murfey and Holly Murfey

Alyssa Murfey and Holly Murfey


Meet the House Guest Contributor: Holly Murfey

This House Guest is like family…oh wait, she is! Meet Holly Murfey, the sister of HOF co-founder, Alyssa Murfey. Holly attends school in Kansas City. She enjoys painting and creative DIY projects in addition to trying out new hair styles, of course! Holly is growing out her hair in hopes of donating it to Locks of Love.