Ordering online saves you time and money. Not only is at a fast and eco-friendly way to shop, it can be very cost effective especially when you subscribe to your favorite store’s email newsletter (or you rack up money with online points). I’m in digital marketing, so it’s kinda part of the job to be on the look out for online specialty offers. I’d actually call it a perk. Why hello, 30% off AND free shipping days. Don’t mind if I do.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Order Online

1)      You can stay in your cute PJs and order cute clothes while you drink your cute chai tea latte.

2)      Save on drive time, gain on sleepy time.

3)      Save on shipping when you use PROMO CODES that look like this: USE ME NOW DAMMIT AND GET 40% off!

4)      You get something in the mail.

5)      Your package will typically arrive in a box with your product wrapped in tissue paper or bubbles, that makes your new arrival technically a present.

6)     If you need to make a return, the money will go right back on your card, no ifs/ands/or buts about it.

7)     You can turn it onto a fun drinking game. In about 2 weeks you realize, oh I did order that (insert random object here).

8)     You can send stuff to other people and they have no idea where/why/how it got to them.

9)   You can buy gifts, wedding presents, holiday presents for others easily and in half the time.

10)   How do I say this lightly? Oh yes, no sales associates. No fitting rooms. No lines.