5 ingredient meal

I just moved into a new place and just starting to build up my kitchen cabinet. I don’t have an extensive amounts of ingredients to cook with, so this five ingredient yummy basil mushroom pasta marinara did me a solid. This five ingredient favorite was super easy to make. While the pasta was cooking, I simmered a little bit of butter in a pan and threw in a handful of chopped mushrooms. Mushrooms are an awesome veggie to cook with when you’re low on spices because they absorb flavor so easily and a little bit of butter does just the trick. After the mushrooms were cooked, I added the marinara sauce and some fresh basil from my basil plant. Strain the pasta and put the sauce on with a wee sprig of basil leaves and there you have it, a five ingredient meal!

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Pasta
  3. Marinara
  4. Basil
  5. Butter

5 ingredient