NYC Skyline

1. Visited the Cloud City exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was a phenomenal and inspirational experience before we even got to the Cloud City exhibit on the roof, but Cloud City was the cherry on the cake. It was a beautiful and bright summer day and I was happily nursing my hangover by sipping on a delicious specialty drink from the Met’s Roof Garden Martini Bar. Saraceno’s Cloud City sparkled in the sun.

Cloud City, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cloud City, Metropolitan Museum of Art

2. Went to a hidden bar behind a sushi restaurant

When my friend took me to get a drink at a cool bar, I did not expect to walk up the stairs and see this tiny, crowded sushi restaurant. We then veered sharply to the left and through a nondescript thick wood door to find a trendy bar with cool murals tucked away for only those who knew where to go. We were lucky enough to be among the “in the know’ crowd at the Angel’s Share bar in Village Yokocho.

Sushi restaurant

Hidden bar, NYC

Mural Hidden Bar, NYC

3. Partied at an exclusive burlesque club

I was completely unaware of what I was getting into when I went to The Box. The building was dark and unmarked, save a burly bouncer. It was the kind of The Box, NYCplace where you needed to know someone to get in. Luckily, we knew someone. We walked into to see an old fashioned bar spanning most of the room and a lady hanging above the bar doing flips and tricks with a hula hoop. Past the bar and some thick curtains, we stepped into an old-looking theatre. There was a stage with tables surrounding and standing area behind that. To the left and right were ornate second floor balconies. The music was bumping and the colored lights were flashing around the room. I thought this was pretty cool by itself, but the Shows hadn’t even begun. Around 1:30 AM, a David-Bowie looking announcer took the stage, welcoming us to The Box, where (as he said) the elite come to play. He invited us to enjoy the show and feast our eyes. He also invited the people in the second floor balconies to close the curtains and make love if they so felt like it.

From there, the show kicked off with a lady in a beautiful dress belting her heart out. And then she showed us that she wasn’t a woman. There was also an act with a strapping young man balancing on croquet-looking sticks while holding his body at a 90 degree angle while a chihuahua did flips on this back. There were bouncers there that were purely dedicated to making sure no one took pictures or captured the show in any way. They looked for cell phone lights in the crowd and would come put your phone down if you were spotted. I didn’t want to get thrown out, so I didn’t take pictures during the show, but I did manage to snap a pic with Thing 2 after his Cat in the Hat themed act that involved a cat, break-dancing and flipping Thing 1 & 2 and a midget.

Thing 2, The Box

4. Saw one of my favorite bands LIVE

One of the main reasons I came to NYC was to see one of my favorite bands, The xx, live. They were only playing 6 shows in the U.S. and I was dead set on going to the one in New York at a venue called Terminal 5. I even bought the concert ticket before the plane ticket! I was not disappointed. The creepy couple that are the driving force behind the band were chill as one could believe as they shook the building with their hypnotic beats and deep bass. At one point, the bass was so intense, the hairs went up on my arms, no lie!

The xx

The xx

The light show was phenomenal and a highlight was when they filled a backlit “X” with smoke. I was elated that they played all my favorites, plus some new ones too. And, I was one of two lucky peeps in the crowd to get the set list!

The xx

The xx set list

5. Enjoyed the skyline from a rooftop in the Financial District

One of the most laid back nights of the trip was one of the most memorable. I was happy enough to be reunited with my good buddy, Yuengling (which is only sold East of the Mississippi). But to top it off, a friend of a friend took us to the roof of his apartment and we were greeted by an amazing view of the city lights. The view from the rooftop of this building, located in the Financial District was breathtaking and I wish my pictures could do it justice.


New York City Skyline, Financial District