Simply Breakfast

This weekend, I scootered on over to Westport to check out Simply Breakfast. Now, breakfast is definitely not my favorite meal of the day, but I was up early so I thought I’d give it a go.

The space was bright and well-lit with orange juice colored walls. At Simply Breakfast, you order at the counter and then are given a number. Your meal is served out to you in a prompt enough fashion.

Simply Breakfast

The atmosphere was sunny, and the walls were decorated with local art. Now, I’m a big proponent of local art, believe me, but the art featured here, was well…questionable. After sitting down, we soon found we were in a room full of cross-stitch cats:

The “art” was inspired by a particular kitty named, “Benny”. This Benny’s Litterbox piece was priced at $400:

The menu was well…simple. Basic menu items with a few splashes of variation thrown in here and there. A Foursquare tip recommended trying the Breakfasts Quesadilla: loaded with eggs, veggies, cheese, sausage and bacon. However, I believe a breakfast joint is truly judged by its benny, so I got the eggs benedict. The smoked meat was thick and delicious. The hollaindaise was basic, but yummy with a slight hint of paprika. The breakfast potatoes were perfectly cooked with a slight crisp and they were heavenly with a dash (or four) of Cholula.

In conclusion, Simply Breakfast sticks to the fundamentals, but does it right. If you are ever needing to find a place for a pickier eater who just wants the basics, Simply Breakfast will do you right. They do have a Foursquare special for checking in, but make sure you check-in to get the 10% off before you order at the cash register. I didn’t check-in until I got to the table and I missed out!