Port Fonda

This summer, the popular Mexican food truck, Port Fonda, expanded beyond its 36-foot airstream trailer into a full restaurant space. Port Fonda settled into a space in Westport, on Pennsylvania, nestled close to Harry’s and across the way from Murray’s and Californo’s.

Port Fonda

Because so many places in KC shut down dreadfully early, it was refreshing to see Port Fonda popping on a Thursday night at 10:30 pm. The room was gracefully divided between bar and dining with a lovely, hipster crowd filling up the space. The music was so loud that we had to shout across the table. However, I will say that every song they picked was an upbeat rap or hip-hop song and I found myself dancing at the table…yep.

Port Fonda Bar

The menu had complex flavors with exotic selections, like beef tongue. Everything was delicious and rich. I could have had our appetizer as an entree to myself. It was hot queso cheese with chorizo, green onions and spices, served with corn tortillas.

Port Fonda Queso

For the entree, I split the beef sandwich, served with pork rinds. The sandwich was delicious with layers of flavors and tender beef, kind of like a tangy Mexican barbeque sandwich. The bread was fresh and delicious to dip in the sauces at the bottom of the bowl.

Port Fonda Beef Sandwich

Our waiter (a hardcore  hipster who acquired a random mexican accent here and there when describing dishes) was very helpful and steered us true in what to order. Overall, it was a great date place, but it wouldn’t be an every day thing. The drinks were pricey, the appetizers rested in the $10 to $15 range and the entrees went up from there. If you’re not looking to spend oodles, I would recommend getting an appetizer as an entree, or going to enjoy one of their unique (and strong!) cocktails. Word on their Facebook page is that they’ll be serving brunch as of late August. Lively atmosphere, lively time. Dock sometime at Port Fonda.

Port Fonda Drinks