Genessee Royale Bistro is located in the West Bottom and embraces its Stockyard District charm from the atmosphere to the menu. When I entered, I was immediately struck by its cozy quaintness meshing against industrial garage doors and coffee bar. I loved the decor, especially the cute table set-up and their hip coffee bar.

The menu has a southern, home-style feel with basics that have a twist. Now, don’t let your mind get away, thinking this is one of those joints that claim to be classic and then go on to twist the classics to the point they are unrecognizable. Genessee Royale seems to shift singular variables in their dishes, so that you still enjoy the essence of the original dish. See their breakfast menu.

I sampled the “Sunny Side Egg Up Sandwich” with smoked salmon “bacon” (meaning they cook it for a bit on the grill – yum!)  and herbed cream cheese. It was delicious, like lox meets the egg sandwich of the century. The salmon really did take on a “bacon” texture from the grill, while retaining its delightful smokiness. The breakfast potatoes were perfectly seasoned, with just a touch of sea salt and herb.

My boyfriend had the Stockyard Plate: your basic two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, potatoes and toast. He chose the bacon and thank the green grass he did. That bacon is thick cut with a slight maple syrup glaze – best I’ve ever had! It was so good that next time, I got the Stockyard Plate (with bacon) of course! And, I even got to try a bite of his Cornmeal Waffles, with berries, sour cream and maple syrup.

A common thread among all the dishes were the quality of the ingredients. The fruit was the perfectly ripe,  the eggs were fresher than fresh, the bacon was, well, DIVINE (see above). The service takes on the relaxed, Southern atmosphere of the bistro and sometimes the check may take a while to get processed, but the girls who work there are so polite and present their own charm, you just forget and get lost in the Royale of it all. Both times I’ve been to the Genessee Royale Bistro, I’ve had a top-notch meal with kind Southern hospitality service. I would recommend it to just about anyone and I’m more than ecstatic to try out their lunch menu.