In addition to my previous post, here is another tip of style on a dime.

When money is tight, don’t start stressing. Go through your closet and find which articles you can transform into something new and exciting.

Here are two fall dresses I turn into summer hits by a couple simple alterations.

I found this in a thrift store and I loved the fit, but did not wear it much this past fall because I found it shape less. I decided to turn it into a summer hit. I turned the dress inside out and simply cut the sleeves off right next to the seam to get a little detail on the edges. I then cut the bottom to my desired length. I did have to hem the bottom to give it a finished look.

Kathryn Before and After Belted Dress


I love the pattern on this dress, but felt it was a little too much. I felt I had to choose either the top or bottom. All I did was cut the top off along the elastic band.

Kathryn Before and After Dress to Skirt Alteration

Whether you have money or not sometimes creating something new and different could be much more exciting than a brand new store bought item you’ll only wear once or twice. It makes and your bank account feel better.

Yours Truly,