Who doesn’t enjoy a nice refreshing summer cocktail? My go-to drink of choice has always been a vodka sweet press, but recently, while trying to watch my girlish figure, I’ve taken a less is more approach to mixers. I now drink vodka mixed with water to cut back on calories, but plain vodka is boring, and not the tastiest without that squeeze or two of lemon. Flavored vodkas are delicious, and I wanted to try infusing my own. The result was a fabulous tasting Blueberry Infused Vodka, that I highly recommend trying.

handmade  by Janine

Ingredients & Tools

• Fruit or Flavor of choice
• Bottle of Vodka (I really like 360 Vodka they have an awesome bottle and a small carbon footprint)
• Large Mason jar to infuse in
• Coffee filter
• Funnel
• Tool to bruise the fruit (I used a rolling pin)
• Final bottle to keep your finished product in

(Produce Guide)
• Use 1-3 pieces of fruit depending on size. Use approximately 2 apples worth; 1 grapefruit or large fruit, but you’ll need 3-4 smaller fruits when using plumbs, clementines, etc.
• When using berries, use 2-3 fists full or approximately 3 cups worth.

1. Wash produce thoroughly, removing any stems, leaves or debris
2. Add fruit to large mason jar, and lightly bruise the fruit

3. Pour bottle of vodka over fruit and seal jar


4. Give it a little shake and store in a dark place for the remainder of the infusing process
5. Twice a day shake the jar to recombine the fruit and vodka
6. After 4 days take the jar out and give the vodka a taste to see if it’s strong enough to your liking (my blueberry vodka took approximately 9 days to get the best taste, while the strawberry kiwi vodka I infused only took 5)
7. When the vodka is ready to be strained, put a coffee filter into your funnel and pour your vodka through the coffee filter and into your final bottle

8. Store final product as you would any other bottle of booze